Merenda Gallery of Fine Arts 2011 Girringun Guni Mara ( a long way from Home)

Small Jawus by Tonya Grant  Bunyaydinya Bagu Artists include Alison Murray, Trish Beeron, Sally & John Murray , Marley Beeron Windy Season By Ninney MurrayJawus made from Recyled Material by Daniel Beeron

The Contemporary art work exhibited in the Merenda Gallery in Fremantle was the first Western Australia experience for the Girringun Artists.
A selection of Bagu, painting & weavings were show to appreciated audience.
Artists Theresa Beeron and Grace Reid attended
Artists represented in the exhibition were Ninney Murray, Daniel Beeron, Emily Murray, Grace Reid Eileen Tap, Theresa Beeron, John Murray, Tonya Grant, Nephi Denham, Nancy Cowan, Sally Murray, Charlotte Beeron, Trish Beeron, Marley Beeron and Allison Murray.

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