Charlotte Beeron

Charlotte Beeron 2013

Traditonal Girrimay Owner

Charlotte Beeron is a Girramay Traditional Owner who lives in the Jumbun community, north of Cardwell in North Queensland. Charlotte is a potter and explore and references contemporary forms and imagery in the sculptural work she creates.

Drawing on her cultural heritage she references the lives of her family, her children and her environment.


2013 Darwin Art Fair, Darwin
2013 CIAF Presents, Tanks Art Centre, Cairns
2013 Umbrella at Canopy, Cairns
2013 Girringun at Mission, Unique Frames and Mission Arts, Mission Beach
2013 Girringun at Suzanne O’Connell Gallery, Brisbane
2012 Girringun at Merenda, Merenda Gallery, Fremantle, Western Australia
2012 Art Elysées, galerie Arts d’Australie • Stéphane Jacob, Paris
2012 Parcours des Mondes, galerie Arts d’Australie • Stéphane Jacob, Paris
2012 Art with Altitude, Brisbane Airport Outdoor Installation
2012 CIAF, Cairns Cruise Terminal, Cairns
2012 Melbourne Art Fair, Melbourne
2012 Bagu visit Mission, Unique Frames, Mission Beach
2012 GOMA across Country, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane
2011 Girringun Guni Mari (long way from home), Fremantle
2011 Bagu on the Strand, Strand Ephemera, Townsville (Artistic Excellence Award)
2011 Qld Rail Tilt Train, Art Place Project, launched in Cairns September 2011
2011 Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal, Cairns