Bagu with Jiman

The form and imagery of the bagu with jiman artwork has its origins in the sky. A mystical spirit of fire, would throw the jiman (firesticks) across the sky and a trail of fire would follow. Based on the traditional … Continue reading

Winner of The Artistic Excellent Award ">Strand Ephemera Winner of The Artistic Excellent Award

This project has expanded upon the ‘bagu’ artwork developed at Girringun which has already entered the collections of major institutions and private collectors. Life-sized ceramic bagu have been created for an installation of fifteen pieces and have incorporate new mediums … Continue reading

Dundu and Panch

This project has seen artists from the Aurukun and Girringun regions work together to create artworks and foster cultural exchange. Five artists from each community have visited the other for on-country workshops, they have gathering together at the Tanks Arts … Continue reading

QR Tilt Train

QR Tilt Train

Indigenous artists working with the Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre have had their work superimposed on one side of the length of a Queenlsand Rail tilt train. Girringun artists were selected from 48 submissions state-wide to supply images to cover one … Continue reading

Gijalordi – Kingfisher Story

The Gijalordi (Kingfisher Story) project will create site specific public artwork that fuses a traditional Gulnay story in the Tully area into a ceiling mounted contemporary artwork installation which acknowledges the Gulnay Traditional Owners connection to country and celebrates local … Continue reading

New Flames

News Flames have seen Girringun artists working with reknowned indigenous artist Ian Waldron. The project aims to foster confidence amongst emerging indigenous artists, to build profressional experience and skillsets and to produce artwork. … Continue reading